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    Posted September 19, 2017

    Rain…         How do you feel about rain? With the arrival of hurricane Florence on the east coast, Leslie and I had a conversation this weekend [&hellip

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    Posted April 25, 2014

    The Trap of Busyness       Don’t get me wrong. I don’t claim to be any busier than any of you, but, like you, I am [&hellip

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    Posted April 4, 2014

    Summer’s Coming!               As the set and preparations for the upcoming Easter Passion play, The Choice, have begun to take shape, I can’t help [&hellip

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    Posted March 21, 2014

    Upcoming Opportunities!       As I write this week, I’m thinking about this past Sunday and the ministry opportunities that were met. Members of the NCBC [&hellip

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    Posted February 21, 2014

    Ready for a CHARMing Summer?         I can almost hear you saying…”Kevin, it’s not even SPRING yet!” And you’re right – but we have a [&hellip

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    Posted January 24, 2014

    Never Stop Being a Student   Do you feel like you’ve arrived? Do you tend to think that you’ve learned what you need to learn [&hellip

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    Posted December 12, 2013

      Christmas Is About Jesus      There is always a lot of discussion about the true meaning of Christmas. Christmas isn’t about nostalgia or memories. [&hellip

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