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5: The Interim Pastorates of Dr. Livingstone

Not With Swords’ Loud Clashing
The Interim Pastorates of Dr. Livingstone

Rev. David Livingstone

Soon after Rev. Frazier’s resignation, North Cleveland voted to call Dr. David Nathan Livingstone as an interim pastor. In semi-retirement, Dr. Livingstone had already served as a diligent pastor in several Baptist churches, especially in the Knoxville and Chattanooga areas. Even so, he continuted to preach the Gospel faithfully and to humbly serve in his ministerial calling. When he pastored North Cleveland in an interim capacity in 1962, Livingstone impressed the church with his simplicity and modesty. As a result, the church often called up on him to serve as the spiritual leader when North Cleveland was without a pastor. In all, Livingstone occupied the interim position at North Cleveland four different times. Each time, all who knew him learned to respect him more.
Dr. Livingstone was a skilled Christian scholar, who used simple, practical illustrations to preach the Gospel. Even though he often referred to his style as “corn bread and molasses” in comparison to some pastor’s “peaches and cream” style, he always portrayed Jesus Christ and God’s Kingdom without apology and without error.
Dr. Livingstone’s mastery of the Scriptures and his devotion to the Christian life were added to the spiritual life of North Cleveland during the times that he served as interim pastor. Often, the loss of a pastor is a painful and frustrating
period in a church’s life, and Dr. Livingstone’s ministry brought healing and security to North Cleveland members. As a result, the numerous pastorates Livingstone served the church were beautiful periods in which a sweet and loving Christian spirit was evident.
In 1975, at the end of Dr. Livingstone’s last interim period, the church paid special honor to his many unselfish hours of service, not only to North Cleveland, but to the Christian life as well. One speaker during the tribute recognized him as a person who truly personified the spirit of Philippians 1:21, “For me to live is Christ.” Indeed, the life of North Cleveland Baptist Church has been enriched by the influence of this saintly and dearly beloved pastor.