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Although North Cleveland Baptist is not one of Cleveland’s oldest churches, she is most certainly one of the area’s most active and dynamic. In researching the history of this church, I have been challenged to discover the role played by individuals in the development and growth of God’s most blessed institutions, His church. Unfortunately, most of the original written records of the church have been lost, and I have relied upon oral history to detail North Cleveland’s history from 1937 – 1960. If I have omitted a name or some fact of necessary information from the finished product, I do apologize, as it was unintentional. This history is also an official one, and will concern only the positive aspects of North Cleveland Baptist Church.

In this effort, I received much help and support, which I briefly wish to recognize. First I wish to thank those who allowed me to interview them and to use their information in this history. I also want to express my appreciation to all those who offered suggestions and comments during my research and writing. I especially express my thanks to my typist, Mrs. Karen Phillips.

Ultimately, however, my greatest thanks belongs to the deacons and members of North Cleveland Baptist Church. Thank you for the faith you have placed in my abilities.

The history of North Cleveland Baptist is a very beautiful example of God’s work alive and active in the lives of His people. I hope that my efforts to present it will be both a benefit and a blessing.

Kenneth Russell II