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Charter Members

Miss Evelyn Ragsdale
Mr. and Mrs. Vance Ragsdale
Mrs. Kenneth Russell *
Mrs. Rosa Lee Simpson
Miss Grace Stephenson
Mrs. Stella Stephenson
Mr. and Mrs. W.A. Stephenson
Miss Vesta Trotter
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Walker
Mr. and Mrs. James Watson *
Mrs. A.J. Barnard *
Norman Barnard *
Mrs. Roscoe Beck *
Mrs. George Clayton
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Caywood
Mrs. Clara Ellis

Mrs. Sam Ellis
Mr. and Mrs. Carter Fields
Floyd Fields
Mr. and Mrs. James Fox
Mr. and Mrs. Mack J. Fox
Glen Greene *
J.T. Greene
Miss Mabel Greene
Mrs. Thomas W. Greene
Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Hudson *
Mrs. J. Wiley Jones
Mrs. Maude Gentry Lacy
Rev. H. Lester Lewis
Luther McReynolds
Mr. and Mrs. * Thurman J. Pendergrass

* Probable charter members (joined between August 1937 and August
1938) but records are indefinite.