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No church reaches its Fiftieth Anniversary without the cooperation and commitment of many people. One of the desires of putting our church’s history into print was to increase the awareness of the contributions that numerous lives have brought to North Cleveland Baptist Church. Take note of these as you read through the following pages. You will especially want to recognize the work of so many dedicated lay people.
Dedication is also an appropriate word to describe those who have given many hours toward the completion of the history you are now reading. Special thanks goes to Kenneth Russell II for the thorough and professional work he has performed in this writing. Also, gratitude should be expressed to the Fiftieth Anniversary Committee of North Cleveland Baptist Church for their desire and initiative in seeing this project through to its completion. Jean Cannon gave much time both typing and transferring information onto computer disk. The ladies on the committee spent countless hours placing the printed history into the form you now have before you. We can all be proud of their efforts. Finally, thanks goes to all the members and friends of North Cleveland Baptist Church for all their support and assistance in obtaining information and photographs.
The Fiftieth Anniversary of North Cleveland Baptist Church gives us the opportunity to pause and look back at our heritage. We can hold our heads high as we remember how God has used us for His Kingdom’s sake. But we also need to pause to take a forward look toward what is yet to be. Let us look to the horizon and dream dreams that will honor, please, and requite God.
Rev. Jay McCluskey, Pastor
Fiftieth Anniversary Committee
— Norman and Louise Barnard
— Sarah Brooks
— Joe and Jean Cannon
— Ressie Hancock
— A.C. and Margaret Manley
— Ron and Sherry Spangler
July, 1987