Frequently Asked Questions

What are the people of your church like?  

North Cleveland Baptist is blessed with a diversity of people within generations, incomes, and educational levels.  Yet our congregation possess a common thread of friendliness and compassion. 

What is the tenure of your staff?

Our congregation is fortunate to have staff with long tenures of service.  Our pastor started in 1986. Our Music Minister joined us in 2003. The Student Minister came aboard in 2008.  Even our office staff and support staff have reputations for their longevity.

What is the focus of North Cleveland Baptist Church? 

We strive to always be mission and ministry minded.  This enables us to obey the instructions of God and minimize attention we may otherwise place on our own ways and wills. Thus we give much of our funding to other ministries and much of our effort toward serving our community and world.  

What is your common style of worship?

Worship styles are  often defined as Traditional, Contemporary, or Blended.  North Cleveland Baptist seeks to blend worship thoroughly with traditional hymns and contemporary songs.  Our talented instrumentalists can play any style we need.  If you don’t hear a style or an expression you like here, just stay tuned. It is coming.  Dr. McCluskey uses a conversational tone in his preaching.  In short, our worship seeks to speak to both the head and to the heart.