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History of NCBC

While going through some boxes at my parents’ house one weekend – I found an old copy of “A History of the North Cleveland Baptist Church, 1937-1987”. Some of you may have your very own copy, but for those of you who don’t — it’s basically a detailed account of the history of NCBC that Kenneth Russell II researched and wrote in honor of NCBC’s 50th Anniversary Celebration in 1987.

I flipped through a few pages, looked at the photos of NCBC when it was just a little open-air shed, and thought it would be really neat to put it on the website for old AND new members to read. So, starting in September, I’ll add one chapter of the history to th.e website each week. (They’re quite lengthy — and it takes a while to type in all the text AND scan in the photos — that’s why I’m just adding one a week!)

Check back here each week for the most recent chapters. I hope you’ll enjoy getting to know a little bit of the history behind NCBC