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Church Announcements

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13 – Palm Sunday – Worship Sheets

In light of the heath threat of the coronavirus, until further notice all NCBC public ministries are cancelled.  

Our church is taking steps to ensure that our church family remain connected.  Please do all you can to stay in contact with your neighbors, families, friends, and church family ministries.

  • Welcome Willie Allen Joseph Smith born March 31st.  He was 7 lbs. & 19 ¾ inches long.  Proud parents are Tyree & Lyndsey.  Proud grandparents are Steve & Kristy Parker.
  • PALM BRANCHES – A limited number of Palm Branches will be available in the Prayer Garden starting this Saturday afternoon (April 4th). NCBC family and friends are welcome to take one and pause to pray for our church.
  • SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATIONS will be released at a later date. Feel free to contact Jason Cox with any questions.
  • Jean Thomas is in need of a full-time, paid caregiver in her home. If you or someone you know would be interested, please contact the church office.
  • HE IS RISEN VIDEOS – On Easter Sunday Morning our webcast will include a video featuring as many NCBC people as possible declaring “He Is Risen!” Dr. Jay is asking individuals, couples, and families to make a quick “selfie video” of themselves proclaiming “He Is Risen.” Once your short video is done, simply email it to Cheri Burt at caburt43@gmail.com.  Please send your video to Cheri before Thursday, April 9th.
  • NCBC SENIOR CITIZENS – Please contact the Church Office if you need someone to help you obtain necessities such as medications, groceries, etc. We would love to help you during this time.

Our church is seeing an impressive amount of connection taking place among existing groups in our congregation. Sunday School classes, the Sanctuary Choir, and some committees have and are using various new and old methods to stay in touch.
However, we want to ensure that every church family has a personal contact with someone from the church.  Therefore, Holly Cox will be heading up a simple ministry that facilitates a way for every church family to be contacted.  We are asking for volunteers who will make phone calls to about 10-12 families.  In these calls one can simply touch base, ask prayer requests, and even pray over the phone.  One of the bonuses of this ministry is that folks who cannot get out of their homes during these days can participate by making calls.  It will take 27 volunteers to cover the entire church role.  Will you volunteer to make some calls to NCBC families? In doing so you will offer a help ministry that will bless both them and you. If so, contact Holly Cox by phone/ text at 423-284-1342 or by email at holly@northclevelandbaptist.org to receive a list of families to contact.

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This Week From Dr. Jay

On Monday, March 30 the Governor of Tennessee made a “Safer at Home” advisory, requesting the closure of non-essential businesses for public use. This makes [&hellip...

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From the Music Ministry

As I was growing up there were a couple of very popular movements in the Church that were meant to help us to be more [&hellip...

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From the Student Ministry

Hello everyone!  It’s almost that time of year again where we begin to get outside and enjoy the spring temperatures.  The winter gray is soon [&hellip...

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From the Education Ministry

Join the Team!  If you park in the south parking lots, you have most likely noticed that our new NCBC Parking Lot Greeting Team made [&hellip...

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From the Children's Ministry

WORSHIPCARE VOLUNTEERS: March 22nd  MiKayla Lumpkin Stephanie Valadez Holly Cox & Madison Godfrey  6:00 p.m. Carolyn Muir & Lee Young   March 29th  MiKayla Lumpkin [&hellip...

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