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Church Announcements

  • WEBCAST:  If the link to our webcast is not taking you to the live broadcast, click HERE to go directly to our YouTube live streaming video.

  • TOWNSEND MISSION TRIP is July 15-21. Please keep this team in your prayers as they minister to those in the Great Smoky Mountains.
  • NEW SUNDAY SCHOOL CLASS for parents of teenagers! This class is just starting, so feel free to join us in the MAC Building, upstairs, room 707. See Jason Cox for more information.
  • CINCINNATI REDS & KINGS ISLAND TRIP for youth and college age students will be July 24-25. See Jason Cox for details if your youth or college student plans to attend.
  • SANCTUARY CHOIR PRACTICE will resume Wednesday, July 25th following Bible Study. If you have ever thought about joining the choir, this is the perfect time! See Lanny Green for more information.
  • ANNUAL ICE CREAM CHILL OFF will be Sunday, August 5th at 6:00 p.m. Will someone be able to take the title from Dr. Jay? Plan to join us in the Gym as we gather for a devotion followed by ice cream in order to find out!  Please note on the registration slip if you plan to attend and if you wish to enter your ice cream in the contest.
  • DISCIPLESHIP CLASSES will begin August 12th! Class lists are available for you to look over in order to decide which class you wish to be a part of. Help us plan for classes by signing up on the registration slip.
  • AWANA will resume Sunday, August 12th! There are various ways you can be a part of this ministry: crafts, recreation, teaching, listening, record keeping, etc.  If you are interested in learning how you can help, please see Holly Cox or note your interest on the registration slip.
  • OCC “CATCH UP” LISTS are available at the Sanctuary entrances and in your Sunday School classrooms. Please look over the new list to see how you can contribute. Packing party is Saturday, October 6th!
  • MEN’S FELLOWSHIP & COFFEE takes place every Thursday morning at 7:30 at the Old Fort. All men are welcome to attend!  See Lanny Tayloe if you have
  • WEBCAST:  If the link to our webcast is not taking you to the live broadcast, click this link to go directly to our YouTube live streaming video.
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From the Children's Ministry

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