My NCBC Story: Jeff Mowery

I remember when the sanctuary was most recently remodeled. Before new carpet was applied, we had the opportunity to write our favorite scriptures on the wood floor. We really loved that we could be part of the history of the church with the scriptures.

My NCBC Story: Anita Bates

As a “lifer”, one of my first vivid memories of North Cleveland Baptist is of a bright day when the men and ladies were working proudly on completion of “the new sanctuary” (our present one).  I was about two years old and I thought that all the adults were my uncles and aunts, just family.… Continue reading My NCBC Story: Anita Bates

Our NCBC Story: Andy, Michelle, Elizabeth, and Hannah Walker

Our family was drawn to NCBC through a thoughtfully written postcard after a few visits. We were drawn in by the care and interest shown by each member of this church. We’ve been here 11 years and remain impressed by how giving and genuine the people are. NCBC continues  to pour into our family through… Continue reading Our NCBC Story: Andy, Michelle, Elizabeth, and Hannah Walker

My NCBC Story: Eloise Waters

Thirty-six years ago, when Alisa, Karen, and I started attending North Cleveland Baptist Church, my young girls wanted to sit on the front pew in the middle. Since that was their wish, that became our perspective for worship.

My NCBC Story: Eric Evans

My family moved to Cleveland in 1965 when I was 9 years old.  I remember visiting several churches and my parents chose North Cleveland Baptist because the preacher used scripture in every sermon and the music was fabulous!  The preacher was Groce Robinson and the Music leader was Elvis Brandon.  When I married, my family… Continue reading My NCBC Story: Eric Evans

My NCBC Story: Christine Kramer

I am thankful for my church family at North Cleveland Baptist Church. When I started attending six or seven years ago, I was broken down and unsure of my faith. The loving-kindness and the ministry of Dr. Jay and the wonderful staff and people restored my faith and brought me back to my Christian roots.